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The Lacus Clyne community
Recent Entries 
25th-Jan-2007 10:53 pm - YAY!!
Yay! A Lacus community!! Hee I like the layout ^_^ long live the community ^_^
This is a vector of Lacus and Haro, this vector is Norine07 for helping me out on Junkii, thanxs again, this took me a whole week to do, and then i started outlining her, and haro, i started to outline the hair clips and the ribbons to her hair then to the rest of her body and clothes, the hard part was her hair, lacus's hair is always a big problem to do, then i colored her in, and haro too, and this time her hair wasn't as bright as i thought it would be in my previous vector's of lacus, and then i added the background, i put raindrops, and i put a star behind haro making him glow hehehee, chloe-chan and saku-chan loved that part, hope you guys like this vector, ja!

I'm new to this community, and Lacus is one of my favorite characters of seed, so hope you guys love this, ja!!

22nd-Oct-2006 01:42 pm - Introduction
Takemoto - HnC
Er..yes, hello there ^^

I have been reading many Gundam Seed articles lately but unfortunately, I haven't been able to watch the anime or read the manga. (>_< can't find anything)
It's pretty weird that I am already a GS (Lacus) fan although I barely know it...
I guess the reason why I like her is because she is described as a kind and caring person...

Okay, now let me tell you sth about myself...

Name: Vivi/tezuka zone pot (because I am a tezuka kunimitsu -prince of tennis- fan)
Fav. parirings: KiraRaku
8th-Oct-2006 03:11 am - Intro.......
Name: amanda
A.K.A: Enriya
Info: me new here and yes we need more lacus fans so i decided to come join so we could have some fans. I don't know what say but, i am here and really new at this so i might need some help later on. But, thanks for letting me join!!
Fav Pairings: Kiraraku, AthCaga

11th-May-2006 08:21 am - Introductions...
take a shot
Hello! ^__^

I noticed that this comm is so quiet... ^__^

Then maybe I should introduce myself? To get things started...

Name: Tsubame Ongaku
Favorite pairings in GS: KiraRaku and AsuCaga
Why I love Lacus? I like it that she is more than merely a pretty face. She holds her head high in the presence of danger.

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